Since the San Luis Obispo Marathon, Half Marathon + 5K races fall on Earth Day, we thought it only appropriate that we take measures to leave as small a footprint as we can on our Mother Earth. We heard about Athletes For A Fit Planet through a running contact and looked at their requirements to make a Pledge of Sustainability.

The pledge requires an event to meet four mandatory points and choose six elective points. The San Luis Obispo Marathon, Half Marathon + 5K chose 10 elective points. Here is what we have pledged to do to make our races green:

Required Points

Reduce paper waste by requiring 80% of total pre-registered race field to register online

No mailing of paper registration forms

Provide recycling bins at the event for participants to use and recycle cardboard,paper and plastic

Provide information to athletes about public transportation options and/or provide them with ride share options on your website

Elective Points

Go to Athletes for A Fit Planet to see our Pledge of Sustainability

In a nut shell, we are providing each registered athlete with a recycled tech t-shirt and a recycled sweats bag. The athletes goodie bag will be a Virtual Goodie Bag, with exciting offers, but no paper. The paper products we use in our office are recycled. We’re working on a program where our athletes can donate their running shoes at the end of the race and those shoes will be given to people who can’t afford them. All of our printed promotional materials will be on recycled paper.

San Luis Obispo is an absolutely beautiful place. We’re mindful of the impact a race can have on our city. We’re taking steps to be and stay green. It’s just the right thing to do.