We are very excited to announce that we have partnered with FLUID and CLIF SHOTS to provide course hydration and nutrition for the San Luis Obispo Marathon + Half.

FLUID Sports Nutrition is a nationally recognized company that started right here in San Luis Obispo. A bit about them:

“We call ourselves a sports nutrition company, but our customers get more than nutrition. You get the tools you need to do what you love. Our tools help you stay hydrated, energized, focused, and feeling great again tomorrow.
Our customers are runners, cyclists, triathletes, swimmers, professional athletes, and more. They appreciate that our products are low in sugar, lactose free, gluten free, made 100% in the USA. So no matter what kind of exercise or sport you love, our natural sports drinks can help you do it, and we think that’s exciting. We look forward to serving you and hearing about the success you have with Fluid Sports Nutrition.”

FLUID is offering a 15% discount on the purchase of their hydration product to SLO Marathon participants. The code is RUNSLO and the product can be purchased on their website at www.livefluid.com.

Many of you are familiar with CLIF Bar & Company. Their CLIF Shots are an excellent way to continue to fuel your body during the race. We are working on obtaining a discount for pre-purchase, so stay tuned.

One last thought, it’s not too late to get your friends, family and colleagues registered for this Inaugural event! Tell them to REGISTER soon. We have exceeded the numbers we had projected for this first year, so it’s going to be a fun race!!

Thanks and see you in April!
The SLO Marathon Staff