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8 Weeks till Race

From Coach Greg:

With two months till the race, runners often think, “How can I possibly do this?” But trust me, eight weeks is a long time till the race and the most beneficial workouts are just beginning. Your fitness will take big jumps over the next few weeks. You just may not feel them due to the fatigue from the training load. But, it’s happening and when you begin to taper down for the race; your newly built fitness will come out.

Now is the time to experiment with different nutritional plans to see what works for you. Find a pre-race dinner that is agreeable to your stomach and powers you the next day. Find a pre-race breakfast that gives you sustained energy in some of your longer, race-like runs. And, find a race nutrition plan that works while running at race pace. Every runner is unique so your plan may be different than your training partners’. Begin experimenting now (and expect some failures) so that by race time, you have the perfect plan.

This is also the time to find your marathon gear. Do some runs in the socks, shoes, tops and bottoms you expect to wear in the race. Work out any issues in training so you avoid any “wardrobe malfunctions” on race day.

Workout Advice:

Long runs are the key to race success. Read about 5 proven long runs here:

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“I dare you to train for a marathon and not have it change your life.” — Susan Sidoriak