7 Weeks till Race

From Coach Greg:

As you train for the race, you will have some tough workouts. You expect some to be “hard” but what I mean is that you will have some workouts that don’t go as planned. You’ll struggle. You’ll slow. You won’t hit your paces and you’ll feel like throwing in the towel. Don’t. Workouts are supposed to be tough and the tough ones where you just aren’t feeling good but keep going are often where the most benefit comes. After all, the race will get tough. Believe me. You’ll need these challenging experiences to develop the mental toughness to get you to the finish line. So, instead of dwelling on “bad” workouts, see them as essential to your race day success.

Staying injury-free is also essential to your success so find a good therapist and schedule a few appointments. Be pro-active in taking care of your body and make sure you stay healthy. There is nothing worse than being the fittest spectator at your goal race.

Workout Advice:

As you train, you can use my 3 great marathon predictor workouts to gauge your readiness for your race goal:


“I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took any excuse.” Florence Nightingale