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From Coach Greg:

The two weeks prior to the marathon is what I call the ‘great marathon freak out’. Questions abound. Self-doubt creeps in. Fear is ever-present. The marathon becomes monumental. Don’t worry. Everyone feels this way. We put so much into training and want desperately for the race to go well. Use this peaking time to reflect on all your successes during training. Think good thoughts. Run strong in the remaining workouts and focus on relaxing the body/mind. Negative thoughts will creep in but just push them aside and focus on the positive. Don’t over rest or overeat but just relax and smile.

Workout Advice:

This peaking phase is so critical that I wrote an ebook about how to maximize it. It’s called “Surviving the Marathon Freak Out:

Surviving the Marathon Freak Out: A Guide to Running Your Best Marathon


“Human beings are made up of flesh and blood, and a miracle fiber called courage” George Patton Running reveals the courage within.