By Samantha Pruitt, Founder & CEO, Race SLO

Many of you followed my last couple of years in the physical running world of Ultras, logging lots of adventurous miles with disciplined 7 to 10 workouts a week. On top of that ultra lifestyle choice I’ve been mentally running my own business 24/7. No doubt, I really lean in towards a big, BOLD and busy life. However, it’s equally important to me that I truly lead by example.

In breathing deep into my own truth, I had a reality check the last couple of months — I haven’t really felt myself; I was not on top of my A game; I have been dragging ass. However, rather than get down on myself I decided to dig in and investigate. What I uncovered in the muddy pit of brutal honesty was that I was simply tired and was not taking good care of the WHOLE me.

PERSONAL BALANCE SHEET: Most days I was only doing 90% of what is good for me: mentally, physically and spiritually to stay balanced. Frankly, by lacking focus on that last critical 10% of our daily needs a deficit creeps in, adds up and robs each one of us of our full potential.

This is exactly why I decided to take this year’s Race SLO 4th quarter earnings very seriously. A fresh and different approach was in order. One that is more personal and compassion-centric. In order to reground myself and my entire team, we first needed to hit pause and each spend time regenerating body, mind and spirit. Rather than go hard, full steam ahead into the New Year, I committed to pumping the brakes and down shifting gears.

Personally, I dialed back my workouts and turned up my rest and recovery. Examining my sleep, nutrition and stress patterns was required. Before we move forward in a new project together, I ask my team to do the same. I’m making space for my relationships in a different way now so my life connections can become deeper and more meaningful. I will invest more in my team and life mates and ask they do so in return. As I gained time back from decreased training volume I increased my thirst for knowledge. I am now hooked on various podcasts and back to reading books nightly that expand my critical thinking and leadership skills.

I’m taking a hard look now at my weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual schedule. I need to strike a better balance for sure. Humans have many gears and should not be driven in overdrive by technology or stress. I am diving equally deep into my own and the companies 1, 3 and 5 year goals. Goals must come from a strong WHY before the how and when. The WHY is a shiny enduring compass that guides all decisions, direction and determines critical navigation and supplies for success.

Part of my deep breathing strategy involved leaving my beloved Race SLO Town and stretching my legs at a business conference hosted by Mind Body called BOLD. It got me fired up about my journey and roots into this business and it’s Tribe I love so much.

INVESTMENT: Both running a business and running a big ass life makes me recognize that investment and earnings are inter-connected. Business yin and yang of income and expenses are to be managed, the same as personal energy input and output. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of GSD hard work, but I’m an equally big fan of teamwork and smart work. Making time and space for myself and my team as we move into seasonal change fourth-quarter is a critical investment in our future together. By quieting my body and mind I found a way to keep things real for me. It allowed me to do an analysis beyond the superficial shuffling of paper reports and crunching data.

HUMAN CAPITAL: It’s our most valued business asset and doesn’t even have a general ledger account number!

Today is the observed “National Bosses Day”. I decided to give myself a gift and take the day off. I ask that my team do the same. Then to encourage all of you to do this as well. No really I mean it. 100% off from all attachment to your jobs and companies including all technology that keeps you tethered on strings to that world.

DISCONNECT: At my Bold Mind Body conference this was quoted by one of the thought leaders Coach Mike…

“The dream is free but the grind is sold separately.”

Indeed. The grind is the price we pay by dreaming big and living bold lives. I am still ALL IN on that ultra life style choice. However, I am also all in on my own and others humanity. I see now that by disconnecting we are actually plugging in and recharging. Only then can we really live our full potential and operate in the black.

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