Race SLO Ambassador Krissy Moehl recaps her SLO Ultra Weekend

By Krissy Moehl

Getting to travel to San Luis Obispo two years in a row now for Race SLO events is a special treat. I remember as I hugged individuals from the crew goodbye last year I said, “let’s do this again!” And we did it! The special invite and opportunity to work with the Race SLO crew renewed in 2017 and my enthusiasm for the fun weekend spread to my boyfriend as well. He rearranged his schedule, trained out of his norm and joined in the half-marathon trail run, his longest trail race yet. We had a great time!

Rolling with the shifts and changes that can be thrown at a race director is something the Race SLO crew does well. The new course changes came within a month of race date. As a participant in both years I enjoyed getting to check out new trails, stay upfront on the lands and earn rewarding views. The effort it took to accommodate the changes definitely paid off in the runners’ experience.

Having an event to train for is motivating. Getting to explore lands that are typically unavailable is unreal lucky for runners and bikers. Bikers?! Yes. This year’s growth included a Mountain Bike (MTB) race on Sunday, September 10 following the Running events on Saturday. Talk about enthusiastic volunteers and vendors! To rally for two long days, you’ve got to be having fun.

To showcase the new bike event, Rebecca Rusch, the Queen of Pain herself, shared trail time both Saturday and Sunday. Life athlete, author, motivational speaker and all around amazing individual, I enjoyed reconnecting with a long time friend, learning about her new movie Blood Road, and understanding the significance of her sign-off Be Good. Everyone left that weekend with a good dose of inspiration.

Putting medals around people’s necks during the awards ceremony is a special moment as a fellow athlete. On Saturday, Rebecca and I took turns awarding overall and age group winners of all the running events. Giving everyone special recognition for the hard work put in leading up to that moment. Seeing the smiles, feeling their hard work pay off, and hearing the “uuufff” as they step down and walk back to their loved ones fills me with appreciation for sport and how it engages community near and far.

With the community of runners and volunteers that surround Race Director Samantha Pruitt it is easy to get caught up in the fun. The group of friends feels inviting to every person that shares in the event space. The vendors she brings in, inspirational women to help, the love she exudes for the runners, bikers and volunteers is the passion that draws everyone in and keeps them coming back. Thanks Race SLO! We had a great time. And we are in for 2018 too.

About the Author:
Krissy Moehl ran her first ultra trail run at 22-years-old. In her 17-year career, she has run more than 100 races. Krissy has 55 female wins and 2 outright wins.

She grew up in the sport and continues to build her life as an ultramarathon runner, coach, motivational speaker, race director and most recently added author to her quiver. Running Your First Ultra was published December 2015.

Visit her at www.krissymoehl.com  and on social media @krissymoehl