Dear Race SLO Tribe,

2019 is coming! It’s all shiny and new, welcoming and full of opportunity. So we’re doing it. We are jumping right in with Human Connection, Community Building and YOU in our hearts and minds. We are more committed than ever to your success. Let’s dream big and ignite the FIRE within this new year.

For 2019, Race SLO is introducing the #RaceSLO100 challenge! One new year. One united community. One big goal – pick your own 100 challenge and then share it with our growing community to inspire others. Best part? YOU get to determine your own challenge. Complete it over time, or all at once. Run 100 miles. Swim 100km. Hike 100 trails. Paddle 100 miles. Work your way to 100 push ups or pull ups. Check off 100 days in the gym. Dance to 100 songs. Make it something that is a challenge but also a joy generator. Get creative – we want to see your wild ideas! Remember you can start anytime – it doesn’t matter if you don’t complete your challenge in 2019. It’s the starting and sticking with it that matters.

The only rule is that the 100 challenge activity you choose gets you off the couch and sets you on a path toward the health and fitness lifestyle you deserve. You have a whole year, so crush as many goals as you can. And when you reach your goal – we will reward you with a real #RaceSLO100 medal, plus a one-on-one coaching session with Samantha Pruitt, our RaceSLO Founder, endurance lifestyle and success mindset coach.

Your body can stand up to almost anything. It’s your mind that you have to win over. Our RaceSLO Headstrong team is here to keep you motivated! Join our 100 community Facebook group, share your progress on social media, use hashtags #RaceSLO100 and #HeadstrongEndurance, and make sure to tag us @RaceSLO. Bring your friends along to hold each other accountable and make new friends in our fast growing, like-minded community.

Once you complete your challenge, send an email (preferably with a photo that we can share on social media) to Include your address so we can ship you your well-deserved medal, and best way to contact you for your coaching session.

Dream. Commit. Today. Now. Take this challenge. Own this year. Together we RISE. #RaceSLO100