We are beyond bummed to tell you all about our 2019 reality…but here it is.

Due to the steady decline in nation-wide full marathon running interest, our low 26.2 registration numbers, plus our increasing costs of race production, we have been forced to pull the SLO full 26.2 marathon race for 2019. Instead, we will focus on the half marathon, the 3-person half relay, our community 5k and kids races to ensure our race weekend continues to flourish and produce the positive human impact we work so hard for. Also, in response to our health & fitness communities requests, we are adding a NEW YogaMusic Fest on Friday afternoon-evening as well. It will be a not-to-miss experience of layered yoga workouts (sweaty style, dance style, restorative style), wrapped in vibe music, purpose & passion artistry, food & beverages and human connection.

Because we LOVE YOU and want to make this weekend change-up right, if you are currently registered for the Full Marathon, we are offering you several options to ensure you still come to Race SLO Town and play with us:

  1. Run the Half or the Half Relay with a team instead at no extra charge and get another entry at no charge to any distance at our SLO Ultra Oct 26-27 at Lopez Lake. You can even gift this extra race entry too!

  2. Run the Half or Half Relay with a team instead at no extra charge, and then get another FREE entry to any 2019 SLO Half Marathon, the 5k or the kids race. 

  3. Raincheck the full value of your race to any 2020 event we host as a “RaceSLO Bucks” credit.

From the bottom of my heart, I apologize for affecting your run goals this year and really want to make it right by you. Our athlete community and creating experiences for you to reach your goals is our #1 mission. Please email me directly once you have determined your decision. Plus – if you do decide to still come play with us and if you are staying at a hotel in the City of San Luis Obispo, our city partners will hand-deliver you a welcome pack of goodies to express our shared gratitude. 

Again, we value YOU, we want YOU, and we love YOU! Please stay true to your 2019 goals and let us help you succeed. 

Sincerely, Samantha Pruitt

Race SLO Founder & CEO / Endurance Lifestyle Coach & Podcast Host

@thesamanthapruitt @raceslo @endurancetownusa

If you have any questions, you can reach out to:

Samantha Pruitt