Think it’s too late to train for the SLO Half Marathon? We are here to tell you that YOU CAN DO IT! Here are 5 easy tips to get it done.

It was a long wet winter and odds are you did not stay on top of your New Year’s resolutions or your race training. Not to worry. We are turning this year around NOW! Here’s how.

 If they can, so can you! Become a part of our beloved Race SLO Tribe!

If they can, so can you! Become a part of our beloved Race SLO Tribe!

1) Commit right now to run one of any of our 3 races on April 27 or 28, and get a half-price YogaMusic Fest ticket to the new Friday night event. Use code IDESERVETHIS at check out (click here.) Hurry though, because all races are close to sold out!

2) Once you’re committed and registered, get your butt off the couch, put your tennies on and step outside. Don’t track miles, track time instead. At an easy conversational pace, walk-run-walk-run and repeat for as long as you can without pain or misery. Log that time. 

3) Go home, put your feet up and refuel with hydration and quality food. Take out your planning calendar and look at the next 5 weeks til race day. Plan to walk-run 3 days a week as follows

  • 1x a week train at a long easy conversational pace as you did on day 1 above. Take the above off-the-couch run time and add 10 minutes to it each week. Ex: The first day you were able to go out for 45 minutes. Week two you’d do 55 minutes. By week 4 you’d be at 75 minutes for your long run.

  • Rest the day after your long run

  • 1x a week walk-run hills for 45min

  • 1x a week walk-run on the track for 45min alternating slow laps with fast laps after you’ve done about a 20min easy warm up 

Do this and you WILL finish the SLO Half Marathon, get your medal & T-shirt, drink your Jamba or beer and lay on the grass in the sun at our festival feeling like a BADASS. Your family, friends and coworkers will all admire your Badassery. This in turn will inspire you to continue on this new path of Badass Livin’ towards your next goal. There will simply be no stopping the forward momentum you have created for yourself building a new life and body.

4) Drag your squad along with you so you can become a Badass Gang! Relay Team the Half, take on the Corporate Cup Half Relay Challenge or 5k, and use these “training dates” as an excuse to gather, move your feet, then conspire over a recovery drink about how one day you will rule the universe.

 Bring your squad along for support or to divide and conquer in a relay race!

Bring your squad along for support or to divide and conquer in a relay race!

5) Well? What are you waiting for? It’s spring and time to earn some bling! Register here, then scroll back to #1 and embrace your BADASS! 

About Race SLO

Established in 2008 to bring world class events to the beautiful California Central Coast, the Race SLO family of events includes the SLO Half Marathon, Half Relay and Family 5K & Kids Races plus NEW SLO YogaMusic Fest (Spring) as well as the NEW SLO County Ultra Games & the SLO Ultra Trail Races (Fall). Race SLO sponsors community run & fitness training programs, supports sporting event projects nationwide, produces a health & fitness blog, plus hosts the popular Endurance Town USA Podcast, all while raising funds for local nonprofits: Jack’s Helping Hand, The Land Conservancy of SLO, SLO County Parks, and Grizzly Youth Academy. Over the last 10 years, Race SLO has helped raise and donated over $250,000 to nonprofits in our community. We invite anyone sharing our values to join us today by volunteering, participating or sponsoring our powerful efforts.