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Welcome to Pepe’s World

Hello everyone, my name is Pepe and this is my story. I’m a runner. I love running. I love it for the joy and relief it brings me. It centers me to focus in on my mindset and I always feel more positive after completing a run. The runner’s high is my therapy. But...

Accept Your Pain

We will all experience pain at some point in our life, physical and emotional. If you are someone that never experiences any kind of pain, PLEASE let me know how you avoid that! For those of us with autoimmune diseases, we experience pain all day every day. Some days...

The Faces of Rejection

Rejection comes in many different forms throughout our lifetimes. A crush who doesn’t like us back; not being hired for a job we thought we were perfect for; or a friendship breakup. Another form of rejection we might not realize is body rejection. People with...

December, a Time for Reflection and Projection

This is the time of year that I take a little time and look back on what I accomplished and what I fell short of accomplishing.  When it comes to running and athletic performance, I’m pretty satisfied with how 2019 played out. At 51 years old and being fairly new...
Swarnjit Boyal & Hannah Koski Win SLO Half Marathon

Swarnjit Boyal & Hannah Koski Win SLO Half Marathon

SLO Half Marathon Course event record broken by 47 seconds in the 8th annual Race SLO eventThe 8th annual SLO Half Marathon and Relay Race weekend, presented by Pacific Premier Bank, attracted over 3,000 thousand athletes and 7,000 spectators in the 5 events spread...

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Last month I danced with fear many many times. To different music, beats fast and slow, and with lots of fancy foot steps – not to mention all the homely ball gowns! It was like a ‘dancing with the stars in the dark' series. I am not usually an F(ear)Bomb person, so...

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It’s Never Too Late to be a BADASS!

It’s Never Too Late to be a BADASS!

Think it’s too late to train for the SLO Half Marathon? We are here to tell you that YOU CAN DO IT! Here are 5 easy tips to get it done. It was a long wet winter and odds are you did not stay on top of your New Year's resolutions or your race training. Not to worry....

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